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Alright Storage 24 Nation! 

There is a lot going on in the Storage 24 camp. Keep your eyes and ears open! We are currently in full throttle mode booking shows and getting some great traction on radio stations and new stations are picking up our single for air play, Anger Management. Keep checking for updates as new shows are added to our site. If you don't see a show in your town and would love to see us live, go to our EPK page and send us an email through the Booking form. So, get the word out!

Video Shoot 

We want to thank J.B. Lawrence for shooting the video and everyone who came out to the video shoot February 12th. You all showed up and showed out!! We couldn't have done this without you all. Thank you!!!

Stay tuned for the video release


Studio Time 

Storage 24 has been working hard the past few months revamping and tightening up some songs to go into the studio. The date has been set and the time has come to head into the studio. Be sure to keep a look out for some special surprises.

Storage 24 is Back 

Storage 24 is back! Baby Phred and Matt Phillips have come together to reform this powerhouse and round it out with the recruitment of Bobby Rutherford on drums and Karsten Hilton on Guitar. Revamped, harder, and more energetic than ever before. This line up brings the best of Storage 24 to a whole other level. So stand up, grip tight, and hold on for the ride of your life.

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